Companion to Reseach Methodology

This book is a companion to research and to researchers. It is meant to guide researchers to critically re-examine the challenges in their communities and use them to identify realistic topics and choose researchable titles. The book provides incisive guidance on how to clearly state and explain the problem at hand, gather appropriate materials, define concepts for proper interpretation, select appropriate research designs and methods, collect and record data, carry out the hermeneutic processes, and re-introduce the research findings to the readers in form of a research report. The book is meant to accompany researchers as they compose and move through the whole process of formulating a research idea to establishing the ideal situations. Researchers need the order of discipline that this book provides.

It is indeed a needed companion in the arduous journey of research; one that is meant to give support, direction, provisions, rest and encouragement to those who would abide by agreed international standards of research.

Frederic Ntedika Mvumbi is a Professor of Humanities and Social Sciences. He is currently the Director of Kisumu Campus of the Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA). He has taught at the University of Ibadan (Nigeria), at the Catholic University of Kinshasa (DR Congo) and in many major Seminaries in DR Congo, Nigeria and Kenya. Prof. Mvumbi has also published highly enriching articles and several books, including Journey into Islam, The Identity of Christ in Islam, Interfaith Dialogue: towards the Culture of Working together, The Catholic Higher Education in the 21st Century and Beyond Religious Traditions. Frederic N. Mvumbi has been a resource person of the Commission of University Education (CUE) in Kenya since 2010.

Dr. Elizabeth Ngumbi is currently a lecturer at The Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA). She is a highly trained and an experienced Educationist, specifically in the areas of Curriculum Studies, Research, E-Tutoring and Facilitation of Learning at all Levels of Education. She also has special interests in Research in Education, ICT in Education, Monitoring and Evaluation of Education Programmes, Youth and Women Empowerment.


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